How Will a Criminal Record Change My Life?

Photo of arrestIf you are convicted of a crime, you will have a criminal record. This is often looked at like a black mark, and can make certain aspects of life a bit difficult. That’s why it is important to do all you can to avoid a conviction if possible.

If you are wondering how a criminal record might affect your life, read on. These are some of the things that may change for you after you’ve got a criminal record.

How Will Having a Criminal Record Affect Me?

Some of the negative effects a criminal record may have on your life in the future include:

  • Child Custody Battles – Having a record will make winning a child custody battle in divorce a lot harder, especially if you were convicted of a violent crime or domestic violence.
  • Finding Employment – Once you’ve been convicted of a crime, finding a job will get much harder as well. Many employers run background checks before hiring and are likely to choose applicants without a record first.
  • Immigration – If you are not a legal citizen, and are applying to become one, a conviction on your record will make it a steep uphill climb. Convictions are likely to prevent you from ever getting a green card or becoming a naturalized citizen.
  • Future Convictions – If you already have one conviction on your record, a second conviction will almost certainly come with harsher penalties.
  • Driving Privileges – If you’ve got a criminal record, it may also restrict you from certain driving privileges, such as suspending or revoking your driver’s license.
  • Firearms – With a criminal record, you may also lose your right to own a firearm.

These are just some of the common negative impacts you would be likely to see affect you once you’ve been convicted of a crime. It is crucial that you hire a defense attorney and mount the best defense possible to avoid or lessen the consequences of having a criminal record.


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