What to Do After Being Arrested

Photo of arrestHow you act after being arrested can have a huge impact on how your case goes moving forward. In order to avoid future problems or even possibly more charges, follow the advice listed below.

How to Act After Being Arrested

  • Be Respectful – No matter how you feel you are being treated, try to remain calm and respectful. Remember that the people who are arresting you, the police, already think you did something wrong, whether or not it’s true. You will NOT be able to change their minds or talk your way out of the arrest, so don’t even try.
  • Ask for a Lawyer – You have the right to an attorney, and you most certainly should exercise that right. Don’t say anything to the police or anyone else, except to ask for a lawyer.
  • Stay Quiet – Under no circumstances should you talk to anyone about your case except your defense attorney. Even saying something seemingly innocuous to someone other than your lawyer or their staff can damage your case down the line.
  • Never Admit Guilt – Even in situations where you feel you may have done something wrong, never admit guilt if you do end up talking to someone other than your lawyer. Even saying you’re sorry can be an admission of guilt.
  • Big Brother – Assume that everything you do or say after you’ve been arrested is being recorded, because it probably is. Again, don’t talk to anyone except your defense lawyer about your case.
  • Be Honest with Your Lawyer – Make sure that you tell your lawyer everything so that they can effectively defend you. Not telling your defense attorney the truth or omitting details forces your lawyer to fight with their hands tied.

If you follow our advice here, you will have helped your own case immensely.

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