What Should I Do If My Teen is Charged with a Crime?

Has your teen been accused of a crime such as drunk driving, public intoxication or evading arrest? Aside from speaking to an attorney about legal representation, it may be wise to discuss criminal record expunction. Photo of agreement

Unfortunately, for teens that make poor decisions after the age of 18, items may stay on their records, affecting future opportunities for employment and education. If you are charged with a crime in Texas, a record of the event may be forwarded to the Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) or the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

For teens, this can become incredibly damaging. People doing background checks may decide that a teen cannot enroll in a school or compete for a job. However, an attorney can help you with expunction if a teen’s charges were dismissed, declined, resulted in a not guilty verdict or were resolved via deferred disposition. An attorney could petition a court for an order of non-disclosure immediately after your teen’s charge situation has been cleared up through probation or another means. This may allow you to breathe easier.

Plano West Recruit Charged with Evading Arrest

We bring this subject up because recently a Plano West football player was charged with evading arrest following an attempt by police to stop him. According to the Dallas Morning News, the teen, 19, was driving at a high rate of speed on State Highway 175, in Kemp, when an officer attempted to pull over his truck.

The teen allegedly sped away, before pulling over a short time later. The three occupants in the vehicle—the football player, an 18-year-old woman and a juvenile—were all detained and given citations for being in possession of alcohol. The football player was arrested and booked into the Kaufman County jail on a charge of evading arrest. He was also charged with speeding, driving without a license and disregarding a stop sign.

The charges came at a poor time for the teen, who committed to play at UCLA during the upcoming school year. The university said it is monitoring the situation.

How Can I Get Charges Dropped from my Record?

Our attorneys understand the difficulties associated with criminal law when young people are accused of crimes. We realize how critical it can be for a young person who has been accused of a crime to have good legal representation and understand how important it may be to seek an expunction of his or her criminal record.

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Did You Know? If you have completed probation, in some cases, a judge can prohibit agencies from sharing information about your criminal record.

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