What is a “No Refusal” Weekend?

If you are planning to drink this Memorial Day weekend, use caution as some jurisdictions may utilize “No Refusal” initiatives when it comes to drunk driving. Photo of drink

Over the last few years, many municipalities, including some in the Dallas area, have enacted “No Refusal” initiatives, which are an effort between judges, prosecutors and police to quickly create warrants that allow officers to perform blood tests on drivers. Drivers with blood alcohol concentrations at or above .15 can face Class A misdemeanor charges. Some legal experts have argued that forcibly drawing a driver’s blood is unconstitutional, although many jurisdictions continue to work together to enact the initiative anyway.

Typically, “No Refusal” efforts are performed over holiday weekends like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Halloween and Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas and New Years Eve.

How Can a Defense Attorney Help Me if I Have Been Arrested for Drunk Driving?

While you should avoid drunk driving at all costs, if you have been arrested over Memorial Day weekend and have forcibly had your blood drawn, you should immediately contact our Lewisville DWI attorneys. For drivers who have only had a few drinks, a DWI conviction can be quite expensive, especially if additional charges stem from a blood draw, as you can face a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine, if you are a first-time offender.

Some of our attorneys are former police officers—we use our experience in law enforcement to defend people who are accused of drunk driving. We know how law enforcement agencies operate and can find out if an official overstepped his or her boundaries during an arrest. We use every available avenue to defend clients who are accused of drunk driving, including arguments over the constitutionality of initiatives like “No Refusal”.

Speak to our attorneys if you are facing a DWI charge—the failure to obtain a good criminal lawyer could result in jail time, substantial fines and a criminal record that could damage your reputation.

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