What Are Alternatives to Incarceration in Texas?

Our Lewisville criminal defense lawyers can explain alternatives to incarceration.

Sentencing for a criminal conviction does not always mean you will have to serve time in jail or prison. There may be community supervision options that allow you to avoid a period of incarceration. Multiple factors could determine whether you are eligible for these options. Alternatives to incarceration in Texas include:

  1. Deferred adjudication. You will be required to meet the terms outlined by the court. Once these terms are completed, the charges against you are dismissed. The charges and arrest would still appear on your record. However, you may try to see if you can have the record sealed. This community supervision option may be possible if you are a first-time offender.
  2. Probation. This is another standard community supervision option in Texas. You will be required to meet the terms of your probation, such as drug testing or visits with the probation officer. Unlike deferred adjudication, there is a record of a conviction once probation ends.

These two community supervision options are likely to have multiple requirements. For instance, you could be required to make visits with your probation officer or to submit to random drug and alcohol testing. Community service, fines or restitution are also possible conditions of community supervision. You may be asked to take classes or to participate in substance abuse programs. Most importantly, you will need to stay out of trouble during this time.

What Happens if I Violate Probation in Texas?

It is important to understand the possible consequences of failing to meet these conditions. Depending on the circumstances of your probation, additional conditions may be added by the court. You could also be incarcerated. We have more information about the consequences of probation violations on our website.

If you were on deferred adjudication, you could receive a conviction (and its consequences) for failing to complete the required terms.

You should speak to one of our Lewisville criminal defense lawyers if you have been ordered by the court to attend a probation violating hearing. We could help inform you of possible defense options for achieving the best outcome for your situation.

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