Was Excessive Force Used in a Texas Student’s Arrest?

Recently, the arrest of a college student at a mall in Houston sparked social media outrage, with some claiming it was excessive after a video of the incident was released to the public. Photo of arrest

KTRK-TV reported that the arrest occurred in September at the Willowbrook Mall. The student involved in the incident, Jesse Valdez, said that he was riding a Segway scooter when a Deputy Constable asked him to get off the device.

“The officer asked me to get off the Segway, and I asked him if this is a rule, or the law that I have to get off the Segway,” Valdez said, according the KTRK. “Instead of politely answering my question, he used force and took me off the Segway.”

Valdez claims that he was thrown against the wall after being taken off the vehicle and threatened with the use of a Taser. Video of the incident, recorded by Valdez’s brother, begins after he is already on the ground and is being handcuffed.

In the video, you can hear onlookers question the arrest, as a crowd begins to form. Valdez was charged with resisting arrest. As outrage began to mount after the video was released, officials with Harris County Constable Precinct 4 released a statement, defending the actions of the official.

“The deputy was alerted to an individual riding a self-propelled device, which was a violation of rules at the Mall and created a safety concern for patrons. When the deputy confronted the subject on the device, the subject became belligerent and began to use profanity to the deputy with small children and parents nearby,” the release stated.

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Source: http://abc13.com/news/activists-excessive-force-used-during-students-arrest-at-mall/995031/


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