Viral Video Allegedly Shows Botched McKinney Arrest

Recently, a video involving a McKinney police officer forcing a 14-year-old girl to the ground following a pool party generated national attention due to its alleged depiction of excessive force. Photo of arrest

The officer involved in the video has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, according to ABC News. The seven-minute clip posted online involves officers responding to a community pool that a large group of teenagers reportedly refused to leave. The officer involved in the altercation with the girl uses profanity and grabs her by the back of the head, before forcing her to the ground.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing—the girl detained by the officer and nearly everyone shown in the video were released to their parents. Only one adult male was charged with evading arrest.

Outrage in the community has begun to grow over the video, as the girl shown is black. The McKinney Fraternal Order of Police released a statement after the video went viral saying that the incident was not racially motivated. However, witnesses seem to contradict this statement.

The white teen who filmed the video told CNN that officers were targeting black teens when they arrived to the pool—he said that when officers asked people to move, he was not talked to due to his race.

How Can an Attorney Help Me if I Have Been Wrongfully Arrested?

Although this case is generating attention due to questions over excessive force and race, it shows how quickly a dispute can lead to a potential arrest. Unfortunately, if you are in a large crowd when an altercation takes place, you could face charges even if you were not involved in the dispute itself.

If you are ever charged with a crime like evading arrest or assault, speak to our Lewisville criminal attorneys about your legal rights. We can review the events surrounding your arrest and determine if the officers involved followed all procedures. Additionally, we can interview witnesses to gain insight, which may help during legal proceedings.

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