Trevone Boykin Arrest: Fighting a Felony Assault Charge

Photo of attackRecently, Texas Christian University star quarterback Trevone Boykin was suspended for the Alamo Bowl following his arrest in San Antonio on felony charges of hitting a public servant.

The arrest made widespread headlines in the sports world, as Boykin missed his team curfew and the game. The altercation with police officers occurred at Pat O’Brien’s sports bar, at around 1:52 a.m., a half-mile away from the team hotel.

Boykin allegedly struck an officer, possibly inadvertently, after getting into an altercation with bar patrons and employees, with the officer reportedly suffering bruises and an abrasion. As of last week, San Antonio police chief William McManus said his agency was still investigating the incident.

“We don’t know whether he was swinging at the officer or whether he was swinging at somebody behind him,” McManus said, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I don’t know. But in any event, the officer was struck in the face.”

Some witnesses said that Boykin was recognized by bar attendants and that they began to heckle him. The bar reportedly turned over video surveillance footage to investigators. Boykin was charged with assault on a public servant (a third-degree felony), public intoxication and resisting arrest. He was released on bond shortly after the incident.

A Felony Assault Charge Can Have Disastrous Long-Term Consequences

Last week, we blogged about how you can fight assault charges or perhaps plea to lesser crimes, if you are accused of striking someone during an altercation. Unfortunately, in many arguments involving alcohol, witness statements can be made that are untrue or embellished to authorities, which can lead to jail time.

A criminal attorney can interview witnesses about an incident and collect evidence in an attempt to prove your innocence following an arrest. In particular, assault on a public servant charges can be devastating in the future, if you are looking for employment and an application asks you about felony arrests. An arrest could cost you a job.

If you are ever arrested for assault, make sure you are aware of your legal rights. Do not give any statements to authorities unless you have a lawyer present.

The criminal defense attorneys at Julian, Crowder & Shuster, P.C. defend clients in Lewisville, Carrollton, Coppell and Flower Mound who have been wrongfully accused of crimes.


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