Texas Coach Arrested for Cursing at Officer in Stands

In an unusual story generating statewide headlines, a North Texas woman was arrested after she was accused of cursing at an off-duty police officer while she was coaching a girl’s basketball game. Photo of arrest

According to CBS News, Jessica Curs, a 31-year-old mother and youth league coach, called the police officer, who was allegedly in plain clothes, a “dick” during a February game in Alvarado.

Curs, from Burleson, claims that her team faced verbal abuse during the game and she exchanged words with an off-duty police captain. Two months later, an arrest warrant was issued, as her behavior was deemed a criminal offense.

A referee who witnessed the ordeal said Curs’ arrest is absurd. “I blow the whistle. I turn to report my foul and I’ve got some guy standing on the edge of the gym floor grabbing a coach by the arm, trying to pull her off the court,” Andy Love told CBS News.

Love said that he went over to find out what was going on and the man said, “I’m an off-duty Alvarado police captain and I’m holding this lady for the Burleson police.” He claims that more officers arrived to the scene of the incident, with one of them seeming to be “dismayed” for having to report to the call.

Interestingly, Curs was allowed to leave the game to go to another one in the city. When she arrived at the other game, she was handed a criminal trespass warning that said she was not wanted in their school gym, according to CBS News. She signed the warning, but she was allowed to stay at the game because her daughter was playing.

Two months later, Curs said she received a letter indicating she had a warrant out for evading arrest. She then traveled to the Johnson County Jail to turn herself in, where she spent six hours prior to her release. Curs claims that she was told when she turned herself in that it would be a “walk-through” with no time behind bars. However, she was forced to get a mug shot and change into a jail-stripped uniform

“I don’t understand how someone can have it in them to do something so horrible,” Curs told CBS News about her dealings with the officer. Prosecutors said that they are reconsidering the charges in light of what has come out in the media, including interviews with the referee.

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Source: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2015/09/21/a-foul-is-called-the-whistle-blows-and-2-months-later-a-popular-girls-coach-is-jailed/


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