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Can Social Media Posts After an Arrest Hurt My Criminal Defense Case?

Several weeks ago, we wrote a blog discussing how social media posts could cause problems with your divorce case. The same is true if you are being charged with a crime and were recently released. What you say can be used against you by the prosecution. Many law enforcement officials sleuth social media accounts to investigate crimes. A 2012 LexisNexus survey of federal, state and local law enforcement officials found that four out of five officers have used social media to gather information during investigations. Almost 50 percent of the respondents check social media accounts connected with open cases once per week. It is likely these figures have increased over the past five years. What types of mistakes should you avoid on social media while you are being investigated? You should never, ever discuss your case online. Whether it is on social media or through private text messaging, whatever you…
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Can You Go to Jail for Trolling on Social Media?

A Dallas man is now in jail for trolling on social media. Babak Taherzadeh claims to have created a character with his online persona, which he frequently uses to comment on political issues and public figures. His was placed in Dallas County Jail after authorities determined he crossed the line between free expression and harassment. Is Trolling on Social Media Against the Law? Social media may seem like a place where anything goes, but if messages or comments appear to pose a serious threat they can be criminal. This is how Taherzadeh got himself into trouble. He started commenting negative things about Judge Brandon Birmingham. At first these messages were tolerated, but after a while they became so negative and extreme that the judge started to feel like his life might be in danger. Authorities agreed that the threat was real. The case was treated especially seriously, since Taherzadeh has…
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