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Could You Face Felony Charges for Online Impersonation?

Many people on the internet today use trolling or distasteful jokes to make fake online profiles that mimic people unfavorably on the internet. This may seem funny to the person making the joke, but depending on the severity of the impersonation, Texas state law will intervene and the joke loses its humor. A person who impersonates someone else with an online profile with the intent to harm, intimidate, defraud, or send messages through social media on their behalf is subject to a felony charge. What about the right to free speech? The First Amendment is still protected, but under Texas law, this offense is a third-degree felony, equitable to a DWI or theft charges of over $30,000. What Defines Online Impersonation Taking or assuming someone’s identity must be proven. Just because somebody makes a joke Facebook page with the same name as someone else, doesn’t mean they are actually impersonating…
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