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How Can I Resolve Unaffordable Medical Bills?

Medical bills are a common reason why people suffer financial hardship. Even if you have a decent health insurance policy, it is still possible to accrue tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt. You may have heard stories of some people with insurance policies receiving bills in the tens of thousands of dollars. These are typically cases where an out-of-network health care provider charges more than what the patient’s insurance provider is willing to cover. There are a couple of ways you could resolve unaffordable medical bills. Possible solutions include: Requesting an itemized bill to look for mistakes. An itemized bill would allow you to look for duplicate charges or services that were never provided. It is estimated that a majority of medical bills contain mistakes. You could notify the hospital or clinic of these mistakes to lower your bills. Negotiating a payment plan with the hospital. The hospital…
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Here’s How to Avoid Massive Surprise Medical Bills

Many insured Americans are going to an in-network hospital for an emergency, only to find that they have thousands of dollars in surprise medical bills once they have recovered. This can create massive medical debt and even lead to bankruptcy. When you are going through a medical emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is saving costs at your in-network doctor, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from these surprise expenses. How to Avoid Massive Surprise Medical Bills Wait for an EOB before you pay: Wait until you get an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance provider before you pay any bills. Go through the services that they claim to cover and compare it to your bills. Make sure that everything you were billed was actually out-of-network. It’s possible that your insurance company isn’t meeting its obligations or made mistakes. Communicate…
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