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How Should I Tell a Cop at a Traffic Stop That I’m Carrying a Legal Concealed Weapon?

Being pulled over by the police is always a stressful event, even if he just wants to let you know that your tail light is out. But if you are carrying a legal concealed weapon, a routine traffic stop can make you even more anxious. You don’t want the cop to see your gun and get the wrong idea, or any idea other than that you are an ordinary citizen exercising his or her right to carry a firearm. Do I Have to Tell the Officer I Am Armed? Each state has its own laws concerning your “duty to inform” police that you are carrying. In Texas, you are legally obligated to hand over your concealed carry license along with your driver’s license and car registration. At that time, the officer will likely ask you if you are carrying at the moment, allowing you to tell him or her whether…
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