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Why Would I Need a Protective Order in Texas?

Violence and harassment may be factors in an unhealthy relationship. In Texas, you may file a protective order if a member of your family or other person is targeting you with abuse. These are court orders that can prevent the abusive person from contacting you or your children. A Texas protective order could: Prevent the offending person from committing additional acts of family violence, sexual assault or stalking. Keep the offending person from directly or indirectly threatening you or your children. For instance, the protective order may prevent the offending individual from conveying threats through a third-party (another person). Prevent the offending person from going to a school or daycare that your child attends (if your child is covered by the protective order). These are only a few examples of what a protective order may accomplish. A Texas protective order may also require the offending person to leave your household….
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Help! I’ve Been Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious thing, which can make being served with a protective order based on false allegations a frightening experience. False criminal domestic violence charges may be more serious, but civil charges can still cause you problems in addition to the damage to your reputation and the distress caused by the accusation. For example, if you are involved in a divorce or custody battle at the same time, your case can become much more difficult after a domestic violence charge. If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, there are some steps that you can and should take to protect yourself. If you are arrested on criminal domestic violence charges, you should call a criminal attorney as soon as you can—before you give a statement to the police. From there, your lawyer can work with you to dispute the charges. However, civil protective orders are just as…
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