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Can I Modify My Child Support Agreement for Lower Payments?

If you were ordered by the court to pay child support, then it could eventually become necessary to modify the agreement. This is especially true if your children are young and the payments are expected to continue for years. You could experience economic hardship or other factors that make payments difficult or impossible. Child support modifications can lead to a decrease in payments if you meet the eligibility requirements in Texas. Eligibility would depend on whether you experienced a material and substantial change in your circumstances. Other factors may also be taken into account when your case is reviewed. Common reasons for a change in circumstances may include: You become responsible for more children: If you become responsible for additional children, then it could become necessary to modify your child support payments. For example, if you and your new spouse had a child, then it may become necessary to seek…
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What Expenses Does Child Support Cover?

During the process of filing for divorce, you may be ordered by the court to make child support payments. In Texas, the parent that does not have custody of the child is typically responsible for paying child support. Texas law does not specify exactly what child support may cover. This ambiguity can lead to arguments between former spouses. Child support may cover broad range of expenses that are related to the benefit of the child. Payments might be spent on: Basic necessities: Payments could be used to help pay for food, clothing, mortgage and rent payments. In addition, payments could also be used to help pay for utility bills. Medical support: The court may require the noncustodial parent to pay the medical expenses of a child. In Texas, health insurance policy payments are an additional type of child support. The key thing to remember is that payments are supposed to…
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Not Receiving Child Support Payments? State Law Protects You

Texas family law now allows the state to block registration and renewal of driver’s licenses, professional and recreational permits, and vehicle registrations for people who are behind on child support payments. This law applies to parents who are at least six months behind on their payments. With these new laws, receiving your payments should be easier, and having a child support attorney could be beneficial. If you are not receiving the payments you deserve from an ex-partner, keep reading below to see what options you have, to gain those funds. What To Do if You’re Not Receiving Child Support Payments Should I get a lawyer? Having a child support attorney that has experience with family law cases will make it much easier to win the funds you need through the court. A lawyer will be able to advise you on many aspects of the child support process. Call the attorney…
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