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When is Emergency Child Custody Granted?

Emergency child custody is granted when a situation has exigent circumstances. This means, it is an emergency and requires immediate attention. If the child is in danger of abuse or violence he/she should be removed immediately. In situations where there are threats but no physical violence, emergency custody may be granted to protect the child before any injuries. A child may also be removed from a situation before any threats of violence occur. If substance abuse is an issue in a child’s home, that too could lead to emergency custody. Abandonment is also grounds for emergency custody. In any situation, it is best to speak with an experienced lawyer immediately. An attorney will help reach the best possible outcome. Emergency Child Custody Procedures In an emergency where swift action is required, the parent deemed dangerous does not need to be notified. Again, this is due to the urgency of these…
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What Type of Child Custody is Right for My Family?

If the popular saying that half of all marriages end in divorce is accurate, many parents may be left wondering which type of child custody is right for their family. This is a confusing and difficult decision to make on your own. It is important to take advantage of resources, such as a free consultation with a local Dallas family lawyer. They will be able to discuss the four types of child custody with you and determine what is best for your situation. What are the Four Types of Child Custody? Physical custody. This means that a parent has the right to have their child physically with them. Sometimes, physical custody will be awarded to both parents if the child spends a substantial amount of time with each parent. Legal custody. This is when the parent has the right to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. Mainly, any significant decision regarding…
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