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Why the Supreme Court Ruling on Racial Bias in Juries Matters

Do you know what the “no impeachment rule” is? It says that anything jury members discuss behind closed doors is to remain private, but that principle could soon change. In an unprecedented Supreme Court ruling, the justices decided that there might be a reason to break the principle of jury secrecy. It might even leave you wondering why the Supreme Court had never acted on this before. Why Did the Supreme Court Rule Against Jury Secrecy? The reasoning behind this decision was based on a Colorado sexual assault case from 2010. In that case, a juror used a racial stereotype to convince other jurors that the Mexican American defendant was guilty. Two jurors revealed this blatant racial prejudice to the defense, who took it to the judge. That judge did nothing to overturn the case, siting the “no impeachment rule,” but the defense was undeterred. The defense took the case…
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