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What Are Alternatives to Incarceration in Texas?

Sentencing for a criminal conviction does not always mean you will have to serve time in jail or prison. There may be community supervision options that allow you to avoid a period of incarceration. Multiple factors could determine whether you are eligible for these options. Alternatives to incarceration in Texas include: Deferred adjudication. You will be required to meet the terms outlined by the court. Once these terms are completed, the charges against you are dismissed. The charges and arrest would still appear on your record. However, you may try to see if you can have the record sealed. This community supervision option may be possible if you are a first-time offender. Probation. This is another standard community supervision option in Texas. You will be required to meet the terms of your probation, such as drug testing or visits with the probation officer. Unlike deferred adjudication, there is a record…
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What Are Common Mistakes People Make After Being Arrested?

It is not uncommon to make mistakes while being placed under or arrest or while in police custody. The fear of the moment combined with an inadequate understanding of basic rights could put you in a much worse position after your arrest. Mistakes can may lead to harsher sentencing or even being charged with additional crimes. It would depend on the circumstances. If you are placed under arrest, then it is important to remain calm and exercise your rights. You should try to avoid mistakes that include: Talking to the police: The most important rule of all is to never incriminate yourself while being placed under arrest or while being held in police custody. Law enforcement officers may promise you leniency in return for discussing the specifics that led to your arrest. Police officers are not required to be honest. In fact, they are likely to play on your ignorance…
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What You Need to Know About Posting Bail in Texas

If you are posting bail in Texas, you are agreeing to appear before court. As an accused person, you are stating that you will answer respond to the charges against you. Bail will usually involve a written statement promising to appear in court as well as an amount of money. What Are the Requirements of a Texas Bail Bond? To be valid, bail bonds in Texas must have the following. Whatever payment has been assigned needs to be payable to “The State of Texas” A guarantee that the accused will appear in court to answer for the charges. The bond must include whether the person is being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. The bond must be signed by the defendant. It will also need to have all the mailing address of everyone involved. It must include details of the time and place along with where and when the…
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