What You Need to Know About Posting Bail in Texas

Photo Of Man Getting Arrested Against A Brick WallIf you are posting bail in Texas, you are agreeing to appear before court. As an accused person, you are stating that you will answer respond to the charges against you. Bail will usually involve a written statement promising to appear in court as well as an amount of money.

What Are the Requirements of a Texas Bail Bond?

To be valid, bail bonds in Texas must have the following.

  • Whatever payment has been assigned needs to be payable to “The State of Texas”
  • A guarantee that the accused will appear in court to answer for the charges.
  • The bond must include whether the person is being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor.
  • The bond must be signed by the defendant. It will also need to have all the mailing address of everyone involved.
  • It must include details of the time and place along with where and when the accused will appear when the court demands it. It will also need to state that the defendant will continue to appear in court until a sentence or the charges are dropped.
  • The bond will need to state that all necessary expenses from the sheriff’s office if/when the person charged is being rearrested due to failure to show up for court. This amount is on top of the bond amount which will be lost.

What Are the Consequences of Violating Bail Conditions?

If you fail to adhere to the conditions of your bond the judge will likely punish you. Common punishments for violating a bail condition are:

  • A warning given to the defendant.
  • A warrant being issued to arrest the accused.
  • Bail being revoked and the defendant being immediately taken into custody.
  • Adding harsher conditions to the bail.
  • The amount of bail being increased.
  • The accused being held in contempt of court.


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