Facing Stalking or Harassment Charges?

Lewisville Criminal Lawyers Can Help With Your Defense

Lewisville TX criminal defense attorney for stalking and harassment chargesStalking and harassment charges in Texas come with hefty consequences. They may include jail time, fines and a criminal record that the public can access. If a permanent restraining order is enforced, it can also significantly limit your legal rights.

As former police officers, our Lewisville family lawyers have a deep understanding of the criteria and evidence on which many harassment charges are based. In addition to his experience, family law attorney Jared Julian is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. If you face false accusations of harassment or stalking in Texas, then you need an attorney’s help. Our Texas family law firm serves throughout the Lewisville area, including defending the rights of those wrongfully accused of harassment in Allen, Flower Mound and Grapevine and those facing criminal charges for stalking in Addison, Argyle and Coppell. If you have been falsely accused of harassment or stalking through a civil lawsuit, then we will defend you. Contact our Lewisville criminal defense attorneys at Julian, Crowder & Shuster to learn more about how we can help defend you from false harassment accusations.

What is Civil Harassment in Texas?

According to Texas harassment laws, any unwelcome communication intended to annoy, anger, upset or threaten an individual is harassment. This includes repeatedly calling, e-mailing or texting someone who does not wish to have contact with you. More severe forms of harassment may involve mentioning anything sexually explicit in nature, threatening violence or lying about injuries to get a rise out of the other person.

Punishment for Texas Harassment Charges

We take all false harassment accusations seriously. The consequences of a harassment conviction can damage your financial security, freedom and career. It may also affect your family life if someone files a protective or restraining order against you based on the harassment claim. According to the Texas harassment laws:

  • First offense harassment charges are Class B misdemeanors. They are punishable by up to 180 days in jail and $2,000 in fines.
  • Those with multiple harassment offenses face possible convictions of a Class A misdemeanor. These then hold penalties of up to $4,000 in fines and up to one year jail time.

A harassment conviction leaves you with a permanent criminal record, which is available to the public. This can then limit your future job prospects and other opportunities. Our Lewisville criminal lawyers commit to help you avoid sealing your fate due to harassment charges in Texas.

Falsely Accused of Stalking? What are Texas Stalking Laws?

Many people misunderstand the legal definition of stalking and underestimate the serious repercussions associated with stalking charges. The stalking laws in Texas define stalking as a pattern of behavior so threatening and repetitive that it gives the alleged target a reason to believe they will be hurt, killed or their belongings may be stolen or damaged.

A “stalker,” by law, has an intent to control or manipulate the person targeted. The stalking laws in Texas deem the following acts and behaviors “stalking”:

  • Relentless following of a person, their family or members of their household
  • Repeatedly damaging someone’s belongings or property
  • Persistently sending threatening correspondences: intimidating e-mails, phone calls or texts
  • Purposely, and on more than one occasion, driving by someone’s home, workplace or school with the intention of monitoring their activities

If you have been wrongly accused of stalking, then contact our Lewisville criminal defense attorneys for free legal advice. As former police officers, the criminal lawyers of Julian, Crowder & Shuster understand the stalking laws in Texas. Consequently, we know how some people may manipulate these laws to achieve a guilty verdict.

Is Stalking a Felony in Texas?

In Texas, a stalking conviction is a third-degree felony. A first time offender could face two to ten years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. Repeat offenders have committed a second degree felony and could serve up to 20 years in a state prison.

If you face felony level stalking charges in Texas, then contact our Lewisville criminal defense attorneys for legal protection.

Lewisville Family Lawyers Successfully Fight False Harassment Charges

Texas law takes stalking and harassment charges very seriously and penalizes perpetrators aggressively. If someone accuses you of stalking or harassment, it is crucial to start building a strong harassment defense as soon as possible. Call (972) 315-6222 to arrange a free initial consultation with our Lewisville family lawyers to discuss your questions and best legal options.