JCS Successfully Defends Former Wedding Chapel Owner

Recently, the criminal defense attorneys at Julian, Crowder and Shuster, P.C. successfully represented a former wedding chapel owner in Denton County who was accused of property theft of more than $200,000, a first-degree felony. Photo of city skyline

The case generated local attention and was covered by The Leader News of Houston. The defendant, who was the former owner of a wedding chapel called Chapelle des Fleurs, was accused by prosecutors of accepting deposits from people before shutting down her business in 2012, without performing services.

However, our Lewisville criminal defense lawyers, including Michael Crowder and David Shuster, successfully argued that current and previous owners of the business were liable for customers not getting their promised events. A jury found the woman not guilty.

The lawyers noted how there was a dispute between the defendant and the chapel’s landlord over rent and monies owed. Due to this dispute, the woman was locked out of the building, resulting in the issues with customers.

“[What caused the charges] was the subsequent actions taken against [the defendant] financially, which we believe the landlords were not entitled to do considering they had been adequately compensated for their loss by [a] security deposit in their possession,” Crowder said to The Leader News.

“When they locked [the woman] out of the building, she could not re-enter and could not perform the events. The jurors did not believe [the defendant] intended to steal from her clients,” Crowder said.

Crowder also indicated that civil action could be taken against the property owners over the dispute in the future.

If You Have Been Accused of Theft, Talk to Our Lewisville Criminal Defense Attorneys

As this story shows, if you have been arrested over a crime like shoplifting, theft by a public servant, check fraud, burglary or armed robbery, our Lewisville criminal lawyers can aggressively handle your case.

Remember, criminal charges, especially felonies, can show up on your record during background searches, which can have a drastic impact on your ability to obtain employment or qualify for items like loans. This is why it is incredibly important for defendants to obtain skilled criminal defense and fight back against charges.

The sooner you can talk to our Lewisville criminal defense attorneys following an arrest, the better. We can begin investigating your case and plan ways to attack your potential prosecution. For more information about Texas criminal law, you can visit our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Source: http://m.starlocalmedia.com/theleader/former-wedding-chapel-owner-found-not-guilty-of-theft/article_cf08bd3a-6ecb-11e5-9431-b7bc4a89b1ec.html?mode=jqm

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