How Will HB 2246 Affect Texans?

In late May, the Texas Senate approved HB 2246, which adds additional requirements and penalties for people who have been accused of drunk driving for the first time. Photo of drink

The bill was sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and still awaits the signature of Governor Greg Abbott for approval. HB 2246 requires first-time offenders to install interlock ignition switches in their vehicles in order to obtain a restricted driver’s license after an arrest.

The only way people can proceed without the devices is if they were arrested with a low blood-alcohol level. The interlock devices measure a driver’s blood alcohol content and prevent a vehicle from operating if he or she is determined to be drunk.

HB 2246 previously passed in the Texas House by a 143 to 1 vote on May 5, according to KVUE-TV.

An Attorney Can Help You Fight a Drunk Driving Charge

If approved by the governor, this bill would provide a good example of the many hurdles those accused of drunk driving must go through. Keep in mind, even if you have only had a few drinks, a DWI charge can be quite an exhausting process, as you can lose your license, face substantial fines and possibly have to install a device in your car with this new legislation.

In addition to these obstacles, Texas drivers who have been convicted of DWI face license surcharges and reinstatement fees. If you have been charged with drunk driving, speak to an attorney about your legal rights. By fighting a charge, you may be able to keep your record clear and possibly avoid some of these fees, penalties and obstacles.

Work with our Lewisville criminal lawyers to defend your rights following a drunk driving arrest. In some cases, officers do not follow rules when they administer tests to drivers, which can result in bad readings or errors.

To discuss your case, you can use the form on this page or call the number listed above.

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