What Should You Do If Being Falsely Accused of a Crime?

falsely accusedMany people are falsely accused of crimes, and even in the case that a crime is exonerated, that accusation can have damaging effects on that person’s image and psychological health. Texas has one of the highest rates of false charges in the country. In 2016, The National Registry of Exonerations found that Texas led all states by a wide margin with 58 criminal exonerations, followed by Illinois with 16. Of the 166 exonerations total in the US, 52 of them were for murder.

Steps to Take When Falsely Accused

  • Maintain your innocence: Law enforcement may engage in tactics to get you to admit to a crime you did not commit. Maintain a consistent stance of innocence throughout the investigation process to strengthen your defense. You have the right to not respond to questions that have the potential to falsely incriminate you.
  • Refuse warrantless searches: If an officer wants to search your property after an accusation, ask for a warrant. Warrantless searches can damage your property and the officer will have to prove in court why they had probable cause without a warrant, which can help your case.
  • Get a criminal defense lawyer: A good criminal defense lawyer can help in many ways in the event of a false accusation. Former police officers turned criminal defense lawyers at Julian, Crowder & Shuster law firm in Lewisville, have insider knowledge of the investigation process to help prove your innocence.


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