Drunk Driving: Will Holiday Law Enforcement Patrol Increase?

KXAN-TV reports that law enforcement agencies throughout Texas expect to increase patrol on roadways during the holiday season to dissuade drunk drivers. Photo of drink and keys

According to the news outlet, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Austin Police Department and other agencies will step up monitoring efforts for drunk driving through a campaign called ‘Plan While You Can’.

TxDOT said that during the holiday period last year, alcohol played a factor in 2,400 traffic crashes that killed more than 100 people in the Lonestar State. This was a 10 percent increase in the number of drunk driving accidents that occurred during the period in 2013.

Officials with TxDOT said they would be bringing interactive media to holiday events scheduled throughout the state to raise awareness about the campaign.

Arrested During a Holiday Drunk Driving Campaign?

As we have noted in our blog, if you have been arrested on drunk driving charges, make sure you speak to a criminal attorney before making any statements to authorities. Remember, anything you say during your arrest can be used against you in court.

We expect that many communities will launch no-refusal campaigns during the holiday season, especially around New Year’s Eve. These periods let judges create warrants allowing officers to perform forcible blood tests on drivers if they refuse to cooperate with other sobriety tests. If you have been arrested for DWI, remember you can challenge the legalities of any test in court.

A DWI conviction can be quite expensive—you have a legal right to defend yourself against charges. Continue to follow our blog for more criminal law news.

Source: http://kxan.com/2015/12/07/more-patrols-will-be-targeting-drunk-driving-this-holiday-season/


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