Domestic Violence Charges: How Can an Attorney Help?

Last month, it was announced in Dallas County that officials began to confiscate guns from people who have been convicted of domestic violence charges with the launch of a new program that requires them to turn firearms over to a local gun range. Photo of hands

According to the Dallas Morning News, the program is the most comprehensive effort in the state to take away firearms from people who have been accused of domestic violence crimes and one of the only surrender strategies in the country.

The newspaper reported that state and federal laws prohibit convicted abusers from owning firearms, but the news outlet found that many of those convicted were not receiving information about how to surrender weapons. Additionally, people who were supposed to surrender their weapons were not monitored by law enforcement agencies to see if they actually did.

The gun surrender program applies to “convicted abusers, subjects of permanent protective orders and those seeking bond or probation on a family violence crime,” according to the News. Those who own weapons are being told to take them to the DFW Gun Range in the Love Field area or give them to a third party.

Those who do not follow court orders risk being arrested on contempt of court charges.

An Attorney Can Help You Fight a Domestic Violence Charge

There certainly are no excuses for domestic violence or abuse at home. However, our attorneys have worked with people who have been accused of such crimes that they did not commit. As the story above shows, if you are convicted of a domestic violence crime, it can have a tremendous impact on your reputation and cause issues in your life, as you may have to surrender certain rights.

If you have been accused of spousal abuse, child abuse or domestic assault, make sure you work with our Lewisville criminal lawyers to defend your rights. We aggressively investigate each case by interviewing witnesses, and we look closely at police reports, which may contain errors.

Contact our Lewisville domestic violence attorneys to make sure that you are able to minimize the possible damage done by a criminal charge or conviction. You can use the form on the left or call the number listed above.

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