What Crimes Can Be Expunged in Texas?

record expungedFollowing an arrest, the thought of having a crime permanently etched on your records can be daunting. Background checks are done when applying for jobs, housing, and insurance. However, in many cases you can get the crime expunged off your record.

To remove a charge, you will need to meet all the requirements of the court, proving to them that you are dedicated to following the law. Having a crime expunged allows you to legally deny that the charge ever happened when questioned.

Even charges that are dismissed may still stay on public record, but there are steps you can take to get them removed. Some charges cannot be removed, keep reading to see if your charge can be expunged in Texas.

Charges That Are Eligible for Expunction in Texas

  • Charges that were dismissed: If charges were pressed upon you, but dismissed before a verdict was reached, they could still show up on your file.
  • Charges resulting in a not-guilty verdict: Even though you have been found not guilty, the charges may still be on your record.
  • Charges resolved in a deferred disposition: Some charges allow you to defer the disposition of your case by placing you on probation. If all the terms are met, your crime may be expunged.

How Can You Be Sure They Are Removed?

You may be suspicious after having dismissed charges lingering on your record, but there are ways to ensure the charges are removed. A Lewisville criminal defense lawyer can help confirm that records are cleared. Documents like Pardon for Innocence Certificates are also obtainable through the courts.Expuexpungelewlewisvill

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