What are the Consequences of a Second DWI in Texas?

We explain the basics behind student loans and drug convictions.

Photo of an arrest taking placeSeveral weeks ago, we published a blog that went over the possible consequences of a first DWI in Texas.  People who are charged with a first DWI may go on to receive another. The consequences of a second DWI in Texas can be much more severe. Second DWI offenders in Texas may be subjected to the following consequences:

  • Steeper administrative and criminal fines: A second DWI is financially costly. You may receive a fine of up to $4,000. In addition, you may also have to pay a $1,500 to $3,000 annual fee to keep your license. This fee may be required for up to three years.
  • More jail time: For a second DWI arrest, you could face one month to one year in jail. Compare this to a first DWI arrest, where you may face three to 180 days of jail time.
  • Long-term loss of your license: With a first DWI, you could lose your license for up to one year. However, this penalty increases to two years for a second DWI.
  • An ignition interlock device on your vehicle: If you received your second DWI within five years of the first, then you may be required to install an interlock ignition switch in your car. These devices measure your BAC before allowing you to turn on your vehicle.

How Else Could I Be Affected by DWI Penalties?

The penalties for a DWI (whether it is the first or second) increase significantly if a child was riding as a passenger. DWI penalties can affect your life in other ways. Without a driver’s license, it could become much more difficult to get to work. Employers may refuse to hire you for having a DWI on your record.

You should always call a criminal defense attorney after being arrested for a DWI. An experienced attorney may be able to reduce or even dismiss the charges.

The Lewisville criminal defense attorneys at Julian, Crowder & Shuster, P.C. are former peace officers with years of experience handling DWI cases.

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