Can You Be Arrested for Making Threats Online?

According to the San Antonio Express-News, a man was arrested recently after he posted information on the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page about shooting up someone’s house. Photo of attack

The Express-News reported that the agency’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit arrested the man in October after he allegedly posted a comment on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page threatening to shoot up the house of another individual. The comment allegedly was in response to another post about the shooting of a deputy near Judson High School.

The man allegedly named the individual he was threatening in the social media post. “We have received threats and harassing comments on our social media sites, but none as blatant as this one,” Sheriff’s Office representative James Keith said, according to the Express-News.

Following the alleged threat, officials were able to determine the man’s identity and discovered that he had an outstanding warrant issued for evading arrest. It is unclear if the man will be charged directly in connection to the alleged threats he made online.

In past cases, individuals in Texas have been charged with crimes including making terroristic threats for social media posts.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Defense if You Are Charged With Making Threats Online

Obviously, the best way to avoid being charged with making threatening statements online is to refrain from them. You can do this by avoiding heated discussions or debates on social media sources that can spin out of control.

However, even if you attempt to refrain from making statements online, even the slightest outburst or sarcastic comment can have criminal consequences. A few years ago, a Texas high school student made national news after he was charged with making terrorist threats when he made sarcastic remarks in a video game thread about shooting up a school. The youth ended up spending several months in jail while awaiting trial.

If you have been charged in connection to online threats, you will want to make sure that you have a strong legal defense. Felony charges can hurt a person’s ability to gain future employment. Our Lewisville criminal defense attorneys can investigate the nature of your arrest and determine if it was lawful.

We believe that all clients are “innocent until proven guilty” and will work hard developing powerful defenses on your behalf. Follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for more information about Texas criminal law. You can reach our office directly by calling (972) 315-6222.

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