Can I Get an Expungement in Texas?

Are you eligible for an expungement in Texas?

An arrest record or criminal conviction can make your life more difficult in several ways. You may have a harder time finding certain jobs. Some apartment complexes may refuse to offer you a lease. However, there are circumstances where you could have your record expunged. This is a process where your arrest or conviction is removed from the public record. Not everyone can receive an expungement in Texas. You may be eligible if:

  • Criminal charges were not filed against you.
  • Your criminal charges were dismissed.
  • You were convicted as a minor for certain alcohol-related offenses.
  • Your criminal charge resulted in a not guilty verdict.
  • You were convicted but later acquitted by the trial court or Criminal Court of Appeals.

There are other criteria that may be considered while seeking an expungement. If you are eligible, there are multiple benefits to seeking an expungement. For instance, you may have access to better job opportunities because most employers could not pull an expunged record. You may also have better housing opportunities, as you would not need to disclose your prior history on an apartment’s leasing application. These are just a few of many benefits.

It may also be possible to have your record sealed. In this case, your record could be accessible with a court order. However, certain government agencies would still have access to the record. Like expungement, not all criminal cases or arrests are eligible for this option. Your situation would have to meet specific criteria.

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