Can You Avoid Deportation Following a Felony Charge?

Facing a criminal charge as an immigrant who hasn’t received citizenship can be a very scary process, especially given the recent crackdowns in immigration control across the country. Many offenses, like aggravated felonies will likely always be deportable, but you may be able to make a plea bargain or negotiate with the courts to see if a different decision can be reached. Certain misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes are still considered aggravated felonies in some cases.

What Charges are Cause for Deportation?

  • Aggravated felonies: This includes rape, murder, sexual abuse of a minor, drug trafficking, firearm trafficking, money laundering over $10,000, theft, and many more.
  • Moral turpitude: Crimes including fraud, larceny, and intent to harm others are considered crimes of moral turpitude. An example would be an aggravated DUI. Moral turpitude crimes are hard to define by law, and a criminal defense lawyer can help you figure out if your crime falls under this category.

How Can I Avoid Deportation?

Several factors, like if the charge happened within the first five years of admission into the U.S., the type and severity of your crime, and your criminal history will determine if you will be deported. Since many crimes result in deportationwhich is a serious issue, criminal defense cases for immigrants often involve lengthy court battles. Having an experienced Lewisville criminal defense attorney on your side can help you avoid deportation.

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