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Pros of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is often used when discussing divorce settlements. This is where you and your spouse meet with a neutral party to discuss the divorce. This third party does not make any decisions. The mediator just helps prevent a power imbalance. This method may not work for every couple but it is definitely worth trying. Why Should I Try Mediation? The following are pros to divorce mediation. Faster divorce. Most of the time mediation is much quicker than litigation. Hiring a lawyer to assist with your mediation process can help it go even faster. It speeds up the gathering of information and decision making. Even playing field. In mediation one side will not hold more power than the other. A good mediator will be make sure of this. Another advantage is that either side is free to stop mediation and/or not sign anything they feel is unfair. There is no…
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Avoid These Mistakes When Negotiating with Creditors

When debts get out of control, negotiating with creditors to reduce them can be beneficial. Not knowing details of your specific situation will make it easier for a creditor to take advantage of you. In any negotiation, knowing what your rights are, as well as the other party’s, is valuable. Is My Debt Secured or Unsecured? If you are dealing with a secured debt, the creditor will be concerned with some piece of property that has not been paid for. This can include anything from a vehicle, boat, or home. If a secured debt is not paid, the creditor is permitted to take the property. With an unsecured debt, the merchandise that was purchased by the borrower cannot be taken. Find out what kind of debt you are dealing with. This way you will not be tricked into letting an unsecured creditor confiscate your property. What are the Creditor’s Strengths…
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What Do I Need to Know About Stepparent Adoption in Texas?

Stepparents should receive more credit than they are often afforded. Many of these people step into a family, accepting an enormous responsibility without really having to. In most cases, stepparents are a large part of a child’s life without being a legal guardian. But nothing brings a family together quite like a stepparent adoption. When Are Stepparent Adoptions Possible? In Texas, there are a couple of requirements that must be met before a stepparent adoption will be allowed to proceed: The adopting stepparent must be married to the child’s legal parent. The other parent must be absent, deceased, indifferent, or unknown. This parent’s legal rights must be terminated to make room for the adopting parent. What Does the Texas Adoption Process Entail? Below is a summary of what to expect from the process of adopting a stepchild. Filing the Petition – The first step is to file a petition for…
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