Arrested During a Holiday DWI Sweep? Know Your Rights

As Labor Day fell on Monday, it was expected that increased patrol would be monitoring Texas roadways on the lookout for drunk drivers. Photo of breath test

A press release by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reported that many communities were implementing “no-refusal” programs over the holiday weekend, allowing officials to quickly obtain blood samples from suspected drunk drivers and motorcyclists through warrants.

These drunk driving campaigns exist because people are more likely to drink and drive over holiday periods. TxDOT reported last year that 21 people were killed and 42 were seriously injured in 338 alcohol-related crashes over Labor Day weekend.

As we reported this spring, these “no-refusal” periods can lead to costly arrests for Texas drivers. TxDOT said that drivers who are arrested during holiday campaigns could face court costs of up to $17,000, plus possible jail time and license suspensions, limiting a suspect’s career prospects.

A Drunk Driving Arrest Can Have a Tremendous Impact on Your Life

As we note above, a driving while intoxicated conviction (DWI) can be quite expensive, especially if additional charges stem from blood draws. If you were arrested over the Labor Day holiday for drunk driving in Texas, whether you had your blood forcibly drawn or not, you should immediately contact our Lewisville DWI attorneys.

We can determine if local officials followed legal protocols in apprehending you. Our Lewisville criminal lawyers include former police officers, so we use every available avenue to defend clients, as we understand how a conviction can affect a person’s employment and harm their ability to obtain auto insurance.

Make sure you defend yourself if you have been accused of DWI—our criminal defense attorneys can help you avoid many penalties. You can reach our criminal lawyers by calling (972) 315-6222 or by using the case review form located on this page.

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