Arrested for Assault? Know Your Legal Rights

According to KENS-TV, James Jonas, the city manager of Crystal City, has been arrested for assault. Photo of city skyline

The news station reports that the Zavala County Sheriff’s Department investigated claims by a woman accusing Jonas of assaulting her at City Hall, prior to a City Council meeting earlier this month. The woman said she was trying to enter the building through an employee entrance when she encountered Jonas.

“[The woman] tried to hold the door open to come inside, and James Jonas grabbed her by the arm and pushed her away,” the arrest report says, according to KENST-TV. The woman said that she had to ask Jonas not to touch her repeatedly.

Jonas has denied the allegations, saying he never touched the woman in question. He also showed KENS affidavits from witnesses that indicate he never made contact with the woman.

In addition to being the city manager, Jonas also serves as city attorney and city lobbyist. He said he has no desire to step down from his positions with the city. Crystal City Mayor Ricardo Lopez said he expects that there will be a City Council discussion about Jonas’ role with the city going forward.

An Assault Charge Can Have Long-Term Consequences

As this story shows, in some assault cases, those arrested may deny their role in an incident. If you have been accused of assault and you deny the charges, it is important that you seek legal guidance, as your arrest could have long-term consequences, including job loss.

A criminal attorney can help you understand your legal rights and conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine if all legal protocols were followed. Additionally, a lawyer can interview witnesses about the incident and collect evidence in an attempt to prove your innocence.

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