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In a story generating national headlines, the family of a Chicago woman who was arrested following a police stop in Texas is questioning why she was pulled over and the details surrounding her death. Photo of arrest

According to ABC News, Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County on July 15, a few days after she was arrested following a routine traffic stop. Authorities initially ruled her death a suicide and said that she was found hanged from a plastic bag.

An FBI investigation into Bland’s death has been launched, as family members said that she had numerous positive things going on in her life and had no reason to commit suicide. Her family said that both her arrest and death make “no sense”, according to ABC News. Bland died after being detained for three days and was expected to be released the day she was found dead by jailers.

Bland was allegedly on a road trip when she was pulled over for improperly signaling a lane change, according to the Waller County Sheriff’s Department. Officials said that Bland allegedly would not respond to requests to put out a cigarette at the time of her arrest. She was charged with “Assault on a Public Servant”.

Witnesses, including one person who was filming a video when Bland was arrest, say that she was slammed onto the ground and that she was forcibly pulled from her car. A representative from the sheriff’s office said that Bland “had been combative on the side of the road.”

Our Lewisville Criminally Attorneys Can Help if You Have Been Wrongfully Arrested

It is our hope that an investigation into this Bland’s arrest and death will determine what occurred, for the sake of her family. If you are pulled over or questioned by law enforcement officials, you should remain calm. If you have been wrongfully arrested even though you remained calm or charged with a crime that you did not commit, speak to our Lewisville criminal attorneys.

Our criminal law attorneys understand how to defend clients who have been charged with assault or resisting arrest. You have rights, and we are ready to work with you to protect them. We will conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your arrest and determine if all legal protocols were followed.

You can reach us by calling (972) 315-6222 or by using the case review form located on this page. Our attorneys accept credit cards and work aggressively to defend our clients.

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